Tips for Cycling in the Countryside

Tips for Cycling in the Countryside

The great outdoors of the UK offers arguably some of the most scenic views in the world. Natural beauty is everywhere, so once you start cycling in the countryside, you will be hooked. The get the most out of your countryside rides, we have put together some useful tips and information on the likes of where to ride, how to keep safe and secure, and where to stay.

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1. Location

There are so many beautiful locations in the British countryside, which are idyllic for cycling. From the challenging to relaxing, scenic and awe-inspiring, the UK has some of the best cycling routes that Europe has to offer. Here are some of our favourite routes to cycle in the countryside:

  • The Lakeland Loop in the Lake District – It is a tough ride and covers 65km or varied terrain, but it simply cannot be beaten when it comes to the scenery. It has once been voted as Britain’s best bike ride and it offers amazing views of Lake Coniston and the surrounding landscape. The strenuous ride to the summit will be worth the epic panoramic view.
  • The Settle Circular in Yorkshire – Yorkshire is one of the best locations there is for countryside cycling and the Settle Circuit is truly spectacular. The 62km route is fairly tough on the legs, but you will pass through beautiful little villages, full of friendly locals, and gorgeous views of Pendle Hill and Pen-y-Ghent.
  • Elan Valley in Powys, Wales – The medium difficulty ride covers 29km is a real hidden gem which follows the old Birmingham Corporation Railway line in the Elan Valley. You will have the chance to see plenty of local wildlife as you ride through forests, countryside, and past the Garreg Ddu Reservoir.

2. Safety

There is so much joy to be had from cycling in the countryside, but it is important to consider safety so nothing can put a dampener on such a great experience. So, here are some safety tips for your cycling adventures in the  countryside:

  • Be familiar with your route before heading out and have with you a physical version of the map with you, or an online version. If you do use your mobile phone to calculate your route, ensure that it is fully charged.
  • How is the Weather? – It is important to know what weather you will be riding in and have the necessary skin protection, whether that be extra layers, waterproof clothing, or sun protection.
  • Necessary Supplies – Make sure you have with you the necessary supplies to keep you going through the day. Pack energy gels or bars and extra water for fuel and hydration, as well as a first aid kit in case of minor injury.
  • Check Your Bike – Give your bike a thorough check and ensure that it is in roadworthy condition. Pop a puncture repair kit or spare inner tube in your bag, as the terrain on a countryside cycle can be rugged at times.
  • Lock Up Your Bike – You should stop to enjoy some of the remarkable views and scenery on your ride, just remember to lock up your bike securely.

3. Accommodation

There are a number of great locations throughout the UK that specialise in offering accommodation for cyclists in the British countryside. Look for the likes of countryside pubs which offer rooms and a hearty breakfast in the morning to set you up for a long cycle the next day. Additionally, ensure that they have a secure place to store your bike or any other cycle equipment, such as cycle boxes or even allowing storage in the room.

The great thing about staying in a pub when you are on a cycling adventure is that you will always find yourself in a friendly atmosphere. With so many local around you, familiar with the area, they will be able to tell you where all the best cycle routes are, as well as all the great places to visit, eat, and explore. Your trip cycling in the countryside will be greatly enriched if you chose to stay in a pub. The local knowledge will make is all worthwhile.

Guest post written by Turvec – specialists in the design, installation, and maintenance of secure and user-friendly bicycle storage solutions.