Walking Author Completes Unique Trek

Stay in a Pub partner completes epic walk. Nick Corble, author of over 20 titles, including walking and canal books, recently completed a unique 400 miles trek walking along a 45-degree line through the very centre of England. The walk will result in a book due out next year, but completing the trek is only the end of one phase of the project. 

Nick explains: “The project, called ‘Diagonal Walking’ was always more than just a walk. From the start, I invited people to join in through social media, podcasts, videos and blogs, accessed through my website www.diagonalwalking.co.uk; as well as actually joining me on the walk.” Nick now has hundreds of followers, and he is offering others the chance to join them as the project moves onto its next phase.

“I’m now inviting fellow walkers to join me as I lift the lid on the whole process of writing of a travel book, including the ups and downs of getting the words onto paper, through editing, publication and promotion. It’s a unique opportunity to continue being part of a wider journey”, Nick says, “to share the decisions, agonies, pain and pleasure of being a writer.”

Win or download for free!! As well as documenting the walk, one of Diagonal Walking’s aims is to take the temperature of England on the edge of Brexit, and in this respect is a follow up to Nick’s first book Walking on Water, which followed a trip down the canal system on the eve of the millennium. Nick is offering visitors to his website the chance win a copy of that book, or to download a free PDF. All they have to do is visit www.diagonalwalking.co.uk and register interest in the Diagonal Walking book, due out in the summer of next year.

CONTACT NICK CORBLE DIRECT ON: nick@diagonalwalking.co.uk or 07808 124795