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Wiltshire is a county rich in fantastic attractions from the UK’s first safari park Longleat, to having the highest concentration of prehistoric sites in UK, including the World Heritage site, Stonehenge. Wiltshire has a history spanning over 1,000 years and the county is home to various sites, museums, landmarks and a 13th century cathedral, all worth a visit.

Stonehenge and Avebury form part of an UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts thousands of tourists every year. The explanations of how and why the stones are placed the way they are remain a mystery to this day. Dating back to around 5,000 years ago, Stonehenge is aligned with the rising and setting of the sun at the solstices. Around Stonehenge there are other famous historic sites, including Durrington Walls, which is the largest henge monument in Britain and Woodhenge, which is a Neolithic monument dating from approximately 2,300 BC.

Wiltshire is home to world-class stately homes and gardens. Stourhead National Trust is a wonderful place to visit with the whole family. Take a walk through the landscaped gardens, across the Turf Bridge and visit the Palladian mansion filled with ornate furnishings.

Wilton House near Salisbury is a beautiful country house home to the 18th Earl of Pembroke. Inside the house, there is a collection of fine art and paintings by Van Dyck, Rembrandt and Richard Wilson. Guides are on hand within the rooms to detail the history of each room in the house. Outside, children can play on the outdoor adventure playground and there is a special area reserved specifically for under 5 year olds.

Longleat is perhaps the most well known attraction in Wiltshire and attracts thousands of visitors every year. The safari park is nestled within 900 acres of landscaped grounds and is home to exciting attractions including Jungle Kingdom and Animal Adventure. Longleat is home to some of the most incredible and endangered animals.  The drive-through experience allows visitors to spot monkeys, rhinos and camels. There is also the Big Cats section, which allows visitors to get a glimpse of lions, tigers and cheetahs.

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