Pubs with Rooms in Stirling


With its stunning and picturesque countryside, Stirling is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the UK due to the tranquil and breathtaking landscapes and historic settings, so why not see why people enjoy visiting and stay in pubs with rooms in Stirling.

This vibrant region is the perfect destination for a long weekend or an extended holiday, with attractions for everyone’s individual taste. Stirling offers a glut of attractions for the intrepid explorer with a huge range of locations for days out, with some of the most stunning countryside in the UK. Take a trip to The Old Jail in Stirling, first opened in 1847 the jail paints a frightening picture of what it would have been like to be imprisoned in the 1800s. With the chance to meet live actors and tours round the different sections of the jail, you get to hear the experiences of past inmates of this famous jail. Why not add to these unforgettable memories by staying in one of a range of charming pubs with rooms in Stirling.

With so much to keep you busy in Stirling, there’s no better place to stay than in pubs with rooms. Pubs offer guests a warm, friendly and homely setting alternative to a traditional hotel or B&B and offer the ideal base for couples or families to explore.

If you’re visiting with friends, family or even bringing your dog along to explore Stirling, pubs with rooms can cater for everything with many pubs having suitable facilities for children and pets. Along with all the modern facilities such as flat screen TVs, WiFi, comfortable bedding and tea and coffee making facilities, your stay in a pub will be the perfect setting.

Renowned for delicious food, pubs in Stirling will give you a mouth watering taste of the finest local cuisine available in the region. What better way to wash the palate than with a range of local and international real ales, wines and spirits? With pub entertainment also offered all year round, there’s something for everyone in Stirling.

So book a holiday to Stirling today and choose to stay in a pub with rooms for an unmatched experience. Find out about further activities and attractions in our Things to Do section.

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