Room for Expansion

According to pub accommodation website Stay in a Pub, a British pub is one of the top three places that tourists from abroad want to visit. It said 13% of all enquiries to the Stay in a Pub website come from overseas visitors, of 100 different countries. As a result, the official tourism website of Great Britain, Visit Britain and Visit England are now promoting British pubs by placing links on their website to the Stay in a Pub website.

Cask Marque director Paul Nunny said: “Visit Britain has gone even further and promised to use their 22 overseas hubs to promote pub accommodation. With the devalued pound, there is a strong attraction for people to visit Britain and this will be one of the key areas the Government will support after Brexit”. Backing these figures was a survey conducted by Visit England where almost half of those asked said they would rather stay in a pub than a hotel.

According to Great British Pub of the Year winner licensee Dominic Worrall, owner of the Bull in Ditchling, East Sussex, accommodation is a huge opportunity for pubs and should not be overlooked, especially as more than 36m overseas tourists came to Britain in 2016. Worrall also said that while putting rooms into a pub means the business becomes a 24-hour operation and adds staffing costs, it also adds more to the bottom line. The Bull currently has four rooms and earns £12,000 net profit per year, per room.

The article is taken from the Morning Advertiser 29 January 2018.