Paws Across Britain’s Top Tips for Pubs

Dogs are no longer seen as pets that are confined to the home or garden, but as part of the family. As more people choose to take their pets everywhere with them, it’s important to make sure that your dog friendly venue meets the high expectations that modern pet-owners have when it comes to the facilities and accommodation.

Paws across Britain’s top tips for ensuring that you keep pet owners happy and tails wagging:

  • Make sure that potential visitors know that your venue is dog friendly. List this on your website or have a sticker on your door. Someone with a dog is much more likely to make a booking or come into your pub for a drink if they know that their dog will be welcome too, otherwise they will find somewhere else that is…
  • Don’t be afraid to lay out some ground-rules. If you don’t want dogs on the furniture or if there are certain areas of the pub that are off-limits, make sure to let owners know.
  • Remember that guests with dogs are still paying customers (and they will generally be willing to pay more for the privilege of having their dog stay with them too) so they will expect the same level of service and as anyone else. No one wants to stay in a sub-standard room just because they have their beloved pet with them.
  • Make sure that your guests know where dogs can go to relieve themselves, and take this into consideration when deciding which of your rooms you allow dogs to stay in. Dog owners won’t want to walk around a maze of corridors and up and down stairs every time their pet needs to go outside.
  • Provide your canine guests with a few essentials to make them feel at home. A towel, bowl, blanket/ bed (that can be easily laundered) and a dog biscuit (or two) always go down very well.

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