It’s never last orders if you stay at an old pub

The UK is known for its pubs and with a reported 50,300 pubs in the UK, it’s fair to say that wherever you are in England a pub is just around the corner. Whether you’re looking for a place to stay, to eat, to meet friends or it’s the best beer you’re after, then there will a pub that caters for your needs. As time passes the old English pubs are gaining age and their history is just as fascinating, so perhaps the oldest pubs are an option for a good night’s sleep.

Why stay in a pub?

Many remote, or small villages, may not possess hotels, but they will undoubtedly house a pub which may also offer accommodation. Staying at a pub is a unique experience as the number of rooms may be limited and they may not all look the same, which gives a very personal experience. In addition, the food will be home cooked, the building brimming with history and with beer sales increasing, a variety of local beers and ales.

How old is old?

If it’s history you’re looking for then it’s certainly worth having a drink or staying in one of the oldest English pubs. No one can be quite sure which pub is actually the oldest in England, but allegedly the eight oldest pubs are spread geographically, so it’s not easy to cover them all in one short trip. The Cotswolds, which is situated in south central England, is a beautiful place to visit at any time of year. One of the country’s oldest pubs, The Porch House, is located in a stunning village, Stow-on-the-Wold. The pub is said to date back to 947, so you could stay at the pub as your base and then visit other old, historical sights, such as Stratford-upon-Avon, Berkeley Castle or Gloucester Cathedral. Another pub claimed to be the oldest in England, is the Old Ferry Boat Inn in Cambridgeshire, dating back to 560. It is a pub with accommodation and it’s claimed to be haunted, so if you’re after the added touch of ghost hunting, this could be the place. If you don’t spot any ghosts, you can catch the sights in Cambridge, the university or punting on the River Cam, and there are even ghost tours on offer if you still aren’t satisfied.

If you’re looking for a bed to sleep in an old building with plenty of character, then pubs are perfect places to stay. If it’s history and the older the better that appeals, then there are many pubs that date back hundreds of year to choose from. Staying in an old pub is a unique experience and one not to forget. Here are 10 ways travel can improve your health and happiness.

Written by Cassie Steele