Get Involved in the Writing of a Travel Book

Author Nick Corble has embarked on a million step walk slicing through the heart of England, and Stay In A Pub is linking up with him to help him find pubs and people to join him.

‘The walk is a kind of alternative Coast to Coast’, Nick explains. ‘If you take the very centre of England, defined by the Ordnance Survey as just outside Fenny Drayton in Leicestershire, and draw a line 45 degrees through it, NW to SE, then that’s my route’. Nick’s research shows that using the country’s excellent network of footpaths and rights of way, he should be able to keep to within two to three miles of the line the entire way.

‘I want to reconnect with England, find out what makes it tick, and write a book about what I find’, Nick explained to Stay In A Pub, and he’s looking to involve as many people as he can in his quest. ‘People are welcome to walk part of the route alongside me, or, which will be easier for most, ‘walk with me’ virtually through social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or through videos on YouTube or podcasts.

His social media name is ‘Diagonal Walking’ and he can be contacted through his website, where there are also more details on the project. Nick also wants to shine some daylight on the mysterious to most world of writing a book, and his followers can also gain a fascinating insight into the challenges faced by authors.

‘Clearly, I need to eat and sleep along the way, and pubs are excellent for both’, Nick adds. One option Nick is keen to pursue is giving talks in pubs and he’d welcome talking to any pubs on his route, which follows a line from Liverpool, through Stoke, Nuneaton, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Luton, St. Albans, Dartford and Maidstone, as well as any others nearby.