Walking in Wales


There is so much to discover on foot in Wales with the rolling valleys, beautiful coastline, little market towns and even mountains to climb, you won’t be short of walking adventures in Wales!

Lose yourself in the great outdoors in Wales and explore all that it has. If you are a mountain lover or if you are up for a walking challenge, you have the opportunity to climb the highest peak in Wales – Mount Snowdon. Mount Snowdon, which is an altitude of 1,085m, is part of the National Park in Wales.

However, if you prefer walks that are slightly tamer, whether it is along the coast or through the valleys or even through the little market towns, there are some stunning walking trips to have. Discover something a bit special and see all Wales has to offer.

After your long day of walking in Wales, why not stop off at a pub along your way? Pubs are known for their great food and drinks but it doesn’t stop there; they are also fantastic for their accommodation and are becoming more and more recognized for this. They rival that of B&B’s as not only do you get a great night’s stay but you also have a bar and a restaurant at just a stone’s throw away.

The rooms are to a high quality, with their luxurious beds, en-suite bathrooms and free WiFi making your stay as comfortable as possible, making them an ideal stay for you after your long day walking, enabling to relax and wind down in the comfort of the pub. The pubs vary in price, so whether you are looking at a high-end pub or one that is at a budget price, there is something to fit all pockets.

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