Visit County Fermanagh


County Fermanagh is shared between Northern Ireland and Ireland and tourists choose to visit as almost a third of the county is covered by picturesque lakes and waterways, which makes it a wonderful place for outdoor sports and wildlife spotting.

The county’s largest town, Enniskillen is situated in the heart of Fermanagh and straddles the River Erne. There is a lot of historical charm in the town, as it dominated by the walls and battlements of Enniskillen Castle.

For those who love to learn about the past, take a boat trip to Devenish Island, one of Ireland’s great heritage and spiritual sites. Situated on the island is a 100-foot-tall round tower together with the remains of the three churches that once stood here.

The county is home to impressive country estates and castles, which makes it a great holiday destination for sightseeing. The Lough Erne is a five-star resort which boasts some of the best golf, spa and dining facilities in Northern Ireland. National Trust operated properties such as Crom Estate and Florence Court are also must-see attractions whilst in the area.

Due to the amount of lakes and rivers in Fermanagh, fishing is a huge hobby in the county. Anglers from all over the world travel to the area to take part in some of the most bountiful angling in the country.

So, escape to the countryside with a visit to County Fermanagh and explore ancient historic monuments, churches or stately homes.

Photo by Matt McCloskey on Unsplash

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