The Benefits of Relaxing in a Countryside Pub

Pubs and spirituality may not seem to go hand in hand, but a truly great pub can evoke feelings of serenity and wellbeing. George Orwell described the perfect pub, which offered just the right atmosphere, away from the crowds, housed in beautiful Victorian architecture, with a log fire, friendly locals and a garden. This rural environment, away from modern life, offers refuge to ramblers and warmth to wanderers. A country pub can feel like home to a lost traveller who has walked this nation’s stunning landscape.


Escape Modern Life

For many people, a good pub is a means of escape. It helps workers relax after a long week and acts as a meeting point for old friends. However, all too often pubs in a city centre can have a corporate feel and be too packed with punters to enjoy a good conversation.

Pubs in rural villages tend to offer a return to days gone by. Simple stone walls, low wood beam ceilings and wood burning fires can create a far more calming atmosphere. You won’t find televisions and loud music here, but you will find a welcoming place to rest. Whether alone or with friends, you will find a relaxed, meditative state.

Spiritual Side of Pubs

Unlike an urban bar, the countryside pub offers an environment that will help you feel awe-inspired. For example, The Castle at Edgehill, overlooks the field, which was the location of the first battle of the English Civil War. Here, you can gaze in wonder over the beautiful Warwickshire countryside, while feeling connected to an important part of English history. There have even been many reportings of ghosts here, giving it an atmosphere of something beyond the physical realm.

This kind of pub is not rare, although each one is unique. Finding an establishment nestled among nature is guaranteed to provide new experiences, which are important for personal growth. You will gain new perspectives, in a pub which is friendly and welcoming. The bar staff will have a sense of small town pride, making them interesting to talk to, helping you to feel connecting to other humans.

Nature allows you to re-awaken spirituality, by being transcendently beautiful. If you have walked through the hills and valleys of this great island, your sense of self will likely have dropped away leaving nothing but the conscious experience of the world around you. So even the walk to the pub will be a spiritual journey.

For pub enthusiasts, going for a pint is more than a thirst for something cold and alcoholic. It is a chance to feel at peace and connected to others. The countryside can be a deeply spiritual place, so take a walk in the hills and find a rural pub.

Written by Cassie Steele