Planning A Long Distance Pub Tour

Pub crawls or tours are a popular activity for those in the UK and it is no surprise with over 51,000 public houses to choose from. A traditional pub tour is focused on visiting a number of bars or pubs in one location over one afternoon or evening. As DIY holidays are on the rise, why not organise a tour with a difference – instead of leaving in the evening stay the night in the pub before heading to your next location, everything you need is under one roof.

Preparing for the adventure

In order to prepare for your long distance pub tour, you should make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Spend time in advance performing servicing and maintenance so that you can enjoy your pub tour rather than the side of the road waiting for roadside assistance. If you plan to travel between pubs in your vehicle, having more than one insured driver is also advisable – you can then alternate the designated driver so that all guests can have an opportunity to enjoy the range of ales each pub will likely offer.

Pick your area

The United Kingdom as a whole spans 94,525 square miles which is a lot of territory to cover. Therefore, when planning your pub tour adventure, it is good to pinpoint where you want to visit. Why not visit Wales, the castle capital of the UK? There are plenty of pubs to visit, and many wonderful tourist attractions to visit during the day to break up your travel. Rhayader, mid Wales, has the beautiful Elan Valley to explore by day and is also a contender for having the most pubs per square mile. Travelling by car will also give you the flexibility to cover more area and seek out hidden gems that would normally be missed if only visiting one town or city.

Choose your event

If you are planning on traveling a distance from your home, why not schedule your pub tour to co-inside with a food and drink festival or music event. Throughout the year, different locations around the UK showcase local food and drink – why not spend a day exploring the scenery and pubs in Rhayader one day then visit the Gower Chilli Festival the next? You would then be in the right area to enjoy the Mumbles Mile – a 1-mile beachfront crawl featuring four pubs – before ending the night in the Nightlife district of Swansea, Wind Street. If music is more your thing, with a little bit of research you can find a number of pubs which book bands to entertain for their patrons.

There are lots of opportunities to plan and enjoy a long distance pub tour in the UK. It can be a fun and rewarding trip, enabling you to take in some beautiful scenery and also sample local food and drink.

Written by Cassie Steele