Making Your Pub a Great Place to Stay

Although still only representing a small proportion of overall pub trade, sales of pub accommodation have grown higher than for food and drink in recent years. So whether you’re thinking of taking on a pub with rooms for the first time or you’re a landlord looking to start offering accommodation, the climate is right for you to take the first steps. It will undoubtedly involve more work, and there are many elements to take into consideration. However, it can be exciting and rewarding, especially as increasing numbers of people are looking for the unique and personal experience that staying in a pub can offer.

Access To All

The recent and significant increases in the number of domestic holidays taken in the UK, coupled with customers being more adventurous in their choices, means that now is a great time to think about offering accommodation at your pub. However, with the potential to make extra income comes further responsibility, as rooms must meet building and safety requirements. One of the appeals of pub accommodation is the quirkiness that sets it apart from homogeneous hotel rooms, but crooked staircases, low ceilings and wooden beams can sometimes present problems with access and safety. It’s vital, however, to comply with regulations to make your pub attractive to anyone with limited mobility seeking accessible accommodation, and with careful and resourceful planning, these issues can be overcome.

Good Housekeeping

Running a pub is a tough, fast-paced job, and offering overnight accommodation as well as food and drink can add to the everyday pressure. This can be alleviated with proper training for yourself and any potential employees. Good, experienced staff will reduce the stress of running your own business considerably, as will a clear idea of how you want to run your rooms. You’ll need to decide whether you’ll be offering high-end luxury accommodation or providing a classic B&B service with basic but comfortable rooms. Either way, when everyone is working long and often unsociable hours, it’s crucial that staff feel valued. This not only improves rates of staff retention, but will ensure that the pub is a welcoming and accessible place for all to stay.

Adding Individuality

Once you have all the practicalities taken care of, adding special extra touches will entice people to come and enjoy all your pub has to offer. A nice way to add individuality to bedrooms is to reflect the local area in your design. Just as offering regional craft ales and locally sourced food can attract discerning punters, so does adding a bit of local colour to the design of the accommodation. Hanging pictures of the surrounding countryside, portraits of former landlords and photographs of past events all help tell a story. In an old pub, keeping and displaying any original fixtures and fittings also adds character to the rooms.

Whether you’re just starting out as a pub landlord or thinking of developing your business further, begin with a clear plan, check your business meets all requirements and regulations, and make sure your staff are well-trained and comfortable in their roles. Then you can reap the rewards of expanding and enhancing your business with unique, attractive and accessible accommodation.

Post Written by Cassie Steele