Gigs in Pubs

There are over 50,000 pubs operating in the UK and they remain an important part of British culture and social life. One of the things that makes the British pub so great is its versatility. Pubs can make great accommodation, a fun place to eat, drink and relax, but they can also be great locations to host live music events! Since the smoking ban in 2007, British pubs have been embracing their diversified identity and looking for ways to make their establishments appeal to a wider audience. Holding concerts is one of them. Here’s some information about gigs in pubs in the UK.

What Makes Pub Gigs So Great

According to research from the Joseph Rowntree foundation, public spaces and events play a huge role in the social and economic life of a community. For this purpose, music and pubs are a match made in heaven. Music is a wonderful force for making connections and pubs are the centre of the community – so when you hold a music gig in the pub there is a wonderful potential for people to get together, make friends and strengthen community bonds. Pubs are usually small and with a friendly atmosphere so they can be a great way for musicians yet to have a big following to get performing experience. In addition, pubs come with fantastic food and drink as part of the package deal.


Hosting a Music Event in Your Pub

Do you have a pub and want to host music events? Two thirds of pub owners believe that music increases alcohol sales, so you have good reason to. Depending on the type of event (eg. number of people in attendance, whether the music is amplified), you may need to get a live music license. The legal stuff can seem like a burden but it is important to check both the licensing and accessibility legislation requirements in your area – especially if you intend to make music events a regular part of your calendar.

If you are worried about getting overbooked, you might want to let your customers reserve and pay for their tickets in advance on the internet with an online ticket sales system. This has many advantages. Your audience will know that they have safely got their tickets and won’t be turned away at the door, you will know in advance how many people are going to come and if you sell out (good for you!) you can use social media to let people know so they won’t turn up on the night and have to leave disappointed.

Pubs and the UK music scene have one more thing in common: they are iconic in British culture. Music gives us an additional way to enjoy what British pubs have to offer. Here’s to more pub gigs!

Written by Cassie Steele