Adventurous Travels Start With Sustainable Rooms

With the UK enjoying 11 slots at the prestigious 2018 European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE), it comes as no surprise that the Scottish eco-pub, Glenuig Inn, is one of them. The rise of the eco-pub is about more than just the prestige of a title, it’s a move by pub owners to provide every luxury and amenity available to their clients, but not at a cost to the environment.

Eco Pubs Pave The Way For Sustainable Travel

Whether taking in the English countryside or taking the winding the roads up to the Scottish highlands, nature provides travellers with spectacular vistas that have played the muse to many an artist and poet who called these lands their home. Those who have a deep appreciation for these natural settings tend to feel the burden of sustainability a little harder, and enjoying a stay at an eco-pub is one way of doing their bit for the environment. In order to encourage pubs to improve their sustainability, the Sustainable Restaurant Association has an award scheme that includes a category for the Sustainable Pub of the Year.

Things To Look Forward To When Staying At An Eco-Pub

The British Beer & Pub Association is committed to sustainability from doing away with single-use plastics to encouraging farm to table dining. Patrons of eco-friendly pubs will also enjoy other measures such as faucets that have been adjusted in terms of water pressure to save water. Pubs who have invested a lot in the eco rating of their establishment will also ensure that they rely on sustainable energy, have the right light fixtures, and may even have a working garden that produces fresh herbs and vegetables.

Keep It Local

Pubs play a major role in the sustainability game as they have the ability to source their goods from local suppliers. Whether this is linen for their rooms or crockery for the dining room, local suppliers can benefit from pubs in the area. Food, however, remains at the top of the list where pubs can make a difference. This is because there are two aspects of food they need to deal with on a daily base, the sourcing and the waste. By sourcing goods from local suppliers, the orders can be a little smaller as the travelling distance is shorter. This, in turn, could also minimize the waste. For patrons, this means an ever-evolving menu that is styled according to the local availability.

Eco-pubs provide patrons with hearty food and unrivalled hospitality while still doing their part for the environment. For patrons, the experience is a guilt-free trip that won’t lack in comfort or convenience.

Written by Cassie Steele