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There’s a multitude of reasons to visit Jersey. Jersey is an island situated between England and France and has a mix of British and French cultures. Known for its beaches, inland valleys and cliff top walks, Jersey is a wonderful holiday destination.  Due to the island’s size, visitors can cram in a lot of outdoor activities, sightseeing, and sunbathing into a weekend!

Jersey has a range of fun activities to suit all ages, abilities, and adventurers! For those looking to get out on the ocean, take a kayak with local guides and explore the full extent of the island.

Alternatively, take a boat trip around Jersey and its surrounding waters to get a glimpse of dolphins and seals. Organised boat excursions include trips to Les Écréhous and Les Minquiers.

For those who fancy a day at the beach, take a trip to St Brelade’s Bay or St Aubin’s Bay for classic sunbathing and eating lunch in cute cafes along the promenade. Home to one of the oldest surfing clubs in Europe, Surfers head to St Ouen’s Bay for the rolling Atlantic waves. As well as being a surfer’s paradise, St Ouen’s Bay makes a stunning setting for beach walks throughout the seasons.

Discover Jersey’s heritage with a trip to Mont Orgueil Castle, a medieval fortress which overlooks the fishing port of Gorey. Explore a network of staircases, towers and secret rooms and admire the magnificent views of the ocean.

Alternatively, visit Elizabeth Castle and explore the turrets and bunkers and climb the battlements! The castle is accessible at low tide by foot and by ferry at high tide.

So book now and enjoy an unforgettable visit to Jersey!

Photo by Luke Moss on Unsplash

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