How Your Pub Can Get Involved With Barter Week

Calling all pubs you’re invited to join, free of charge, an important international event we’re partnering. Would you like to host your guest by sharing a new accommodation experience? Have you ever thought about exchanging your hospitality for goods and services, with no money exchange?

That’s the concept of Barter Week: once in a year for one week hosts like you all over the world offer their accommodation in exchange for goods and services. Guests make barter offers and hosts are free to accept or decline them.┬áThe negotiations take place on the official website, where you can list your place and get in contact with thousands of travellers.

You’re not obliged to accept the barter offers you’ll get: you have the last call, you decide either accept, decline or negotiate the offers. More, you can set a “wishlist” in order to make people know what you’d like in exchange for your hospitality.

This year the Barter Week will run from 19th to 25th of November. Just take a minute to list your property free of charge, add photos and a description of your property and fill your wishlist, here.

Then, wait for barter offers and have fun!

For any doubt feel free to contact the Barter Week staff by sending an email to