Getting Great Guest Reviews

Word of mouth is a powerful thing – guests who have enjoyed a great night’s sleep and an equally great breakfast the following morning will go on to sing your praises, both to their friends and to the online world. There’s no big secret to attaining great guest reviews; it’s all about respecting the rules of great customer service, going above your guests’ expectations, into the stratosphere and beyond!

In this guide, we’ll aim to cover everything you’ll need to think about in order to give every single guest a really top notch stay, from making your rooms look nice to cooking up tasty treats in the restaurant, served up by the friendliest of staff.

Putting the ‘bed’ in bed & breakfast
Starting with the ‘bed’ aspect of bed and breakfast, aim to give your guests the second best night’s sleep of their lives – second only to their own bed of course. The bed itself is integral to this, so be sure to spend a few extra pounds on a super comfy mattress – the reviews you’ll receive will definitely be worth it.

Buy a big bed too – even if it’s a single room. Most people will treat themselves to a queen or even a king size at home, so be sure to try to match that in terms of room to roll around at night. Soft duvets and pillows are a must, and a few extra blankets in winter show that you’re more than happy to go the extra mile.

The décor is of course equally important – you want your guests to enjoy the time they spend in their rooms, even if it’s just first thing at morning and a while in the evening. Make sure all your rooms look up to scratch and are in-keeping with the rest of the property.

People love having choices, so go above and beyond the standard tea bag and biscuits by giving them the option of herbal teas, a selection of premium or even home made biscuits or provide a drinks fridge will really bring out the smiles on people’s faces. You can decide if you want to make these inclusive of the price or offer them at a surcharge.

An en-suite is always a luxury that guests are more than happy to have, so if you’re in the process of conducting renovation work, then a few extra personal throne rooms should definitely be on your radar. If you have shared bathroom facilities make this clear on your website.

Lastly, although largely dictated by location, spare a thought for the views that guests are treated to from the windows of their rooms. They won’t be expecting the Swiss Alps or Mount Etna erupting in the distance, but be sure to keep the windows clean outside and in, cut back any trees which might obscure the view, and make sure that your property and its outside areas are tidy and smart. If you are perhaps located in a town or city centre, why not think about a few hanging baskets or window boxes?

A spot of relaxation
Speaking of the communal areas, if you have any outside spaces on the property, such as gardens, picnic areas or a lovely sunbathing deck, then keep them clean and up-to-date in appearance. Well looked after outside areas give guests the opportunity to relax, read or enjoy a cream tea in a lovely setting. Your customers will be grateful of the extra effort you’ve put in to keep these areas looking spic and span for their peace and enjoyment, which is something that will definitely provide more reason to give a good review for your guest house.

Put yourself on the map
Something else that often brings about great reviews from guests is the location of your property. So if you’re just starting out on your pub accommodation adventure, then this is definitely something to consider when choosing a property to set up shop.

On the other hand, if you’re an established pub with rooms, then do some research into any popular historical attractions, museums, beaches, walking trails and the like in your local area and make them prominent on your website. Your guests will praise you for being in the centre of the local universe, and you’re also promoting the nearby attractions – it’s a win-win situation!

The first bite is with the eye
When it comes to your guests tucking their teeth into your best array of cooking, this should also be taken as another chance to gain a good review. Food can often be the deciding factor between a good review and an OK review, so it’s a good idea to practice frying the perfect sausage a few times to really get it spot on.

You could also consider extending your existing menu to incorporate some new and exciting dishes for your guests. How about eggs benedict, or a bucks fizz for breakfast? It’s also worth noting if you use locally sourced products as a lot of guests are looking for the farm-to-fork experience these days. In the age where the sheer amount of choice alone has people licking their lips, dishes like these will almost write the reviews themselves.

Of course, these dishes are served by either you or your attentive staff. If you do employ a breakfast team, they should also be kind, helpful, and ready to deal with any reasonable request your guest has.

Just to recap, the best way to get great reviews is… well, to earn them. There are numerous ways you can deserve a good review, but it’s always founded upon giving every single guest the personal touch and making them feel they’ve had a five star experience. This should be voiced through the upkeep of your lovely property, from the warm welcome upon arrival and ongoing attention to their needs. Every guest deserves a great experience.